Frequently asked questions

During our 28 years of service we’ve heard our customers asking us many similar questions…Here we’ve compiled our top 10 list of the most frequently asked ones!

Do you offer vegetarian or dietitian items in your menu?

Sure! Not many people are aware of it, but in fact the traditional Chinese garnishes (such as fried rice, dumplings or the noodles) are very much vegetarian friendly, even though being nutritious indeed…

Does your restaurant have any other locations?

Currently our restaurant has single location in Alexandria, VA. But we’re looking into options to expand.

What’s your policy about people coming with their own alcohol?

We do not encourage this, neither the state legislature of Virginia does…

How many tables and dining halls do you have?

We’ve got more than 100 tables with a ranging number of seats (2, 4, 6 and 8), spread across our 3 dining halls (the Mainland Chinese; Taiwanese and the Hong Kong hall)…

Do you offer themed parties to be hosted at your restaurant?

Of course! We’re aware that people just love our authentic traditional Chinese interior, and we’d love to rent it out for you to throw a party or a meeting there!

Can I take my pet inside?

We do not allow pets inside the three of our dining halls… However, during the spring and the summer, we have an outside terrace. Pets are allowed in that area.

How often do menu items change?

We do it occasionally. Each new season we add one or two traditional Chinese dishes or beverages, as their variety is unlimited indeed..

Do you offer contemporary or traditional Chinese cuisine?

Our main idea is to differ from other US Chinese restaurants by offering an authentic, mainland Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine!

Can I order catering services from you?

Certainly! We have a catering and waiter rental services. You can read more about them in our Services section of the website.

Can you join the tables for me if my party size is bigger than the 8-seat table?

Surely. But we will appreciate if you will book table (s) beforehand in such a case…

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