Tailored culinary experience

Our traditional Chinese cuisine restaurant offers more, than just meets the eye…

In fact, we’ve become so popular lately, that we began to offer a plentitude of additional, side culinary services, such as the ones listed below…

Food Delivery

Our foremost additional service is currently the food delivery one… We serve deliveries as far out, as in a 30 miles range of our restaurant’s location…

Waiter rental

Customers love our customer service so much, that we decided that we’ll rent our authentically dressed, Chinese American waiters out!

Business catering

There’s no place like a business meeting to get a good and tasty lunch to forget about all the stresses and to relax during the working day!

Personal menu delivery

If you’d like us to, we can arrange a special, individual menu for you and deliver it in a timely fashion, with no additional charges!

Weddings & Parties catering

Let’s face it, people just love the Chinese food! In fact people in our VA neighborhood love it so much, that we bolted a special catering service!

Diet menu

Not many people are aware, that the Chinese cuisine is perfect for both people on a diet and even for the vegetarians alike!